In recent times airports have started moving away from the mere provision of transport services towards a broader business concept, becoming fully-fledged business centers. Riding on KIA’s success story and world class facilities, ADL wishes to extend the country’s aviation base by offering to operate all the airports in Malawi. With this objective in mind, the ADL’s business philosophy will be to further expand Malawi’s global aviation network and provide passengers with more destinations, greater frequency of flights, a wider choice of carriers and excellent aviation and non aviation services at all the Airports in Malawi. ADL proposed to be offered to operate all the other Airports in Malawi so as to improve on passenger safety requirements, infrastructural developments and also other passenger commercial services. Improved safety features could lead to increased flights and other operational activities at these Airports. Thus the airports would be able to generate much needed revenue to become self sustainable. ADL shall also engage in the development of airport real estate property for aviation related activities which present a significant opportunity to attract further private investment for commercial purposes such as agricultural developments, hotels and recreational services, warehousing projects and many more.



Commercial development is the most important driver for increased profitability at KIA. Strategies have been put in place to revolutionize the airport retail experience and drive new income streams to double revenues by 2017. Growth through commercial activities is essential for delivering strong returns to shareholders. Our commercial objective is therefore to achieve 60% of our revenue from non-aeronautical activities.

The following initiatives will be employed to achieve targeted revenues:

  • Optimizing current and creating new commercial space to allow better retail shops layout and a more vibrant shopping experience to attract customers and drive sales.
  • Providing a greater variety of retail shops, products and services that will entice passengers to spend whilst ensuring an enhanced passenger experience.
  • Creating value on surrounding airport land by developing hotels, shopping malls, business parks and other similar facilities to increase commercial and rental revenue.
  • Building core business capabilities, especially in the areas of business intelligence, relationship management and customer experience management to drive compounding business growth.
  • Modern airports have started putting greater emphasis on maximizing non aeronautical revenue which has lead to increased non aeronautical activities, the biggest and largest of them being retail. At KIA we do have a number of retails shops selling arts and crafts and some duty free shops as well. Uniqueness in retail offering through local specialty concept is the mainstay of life at airports worldwide and this is being embraced at KIA as well.



ADL owns 848 residential houses in Lumbadzi Housing Estate. In addition to the residential estate, ADL also owns the magnificent office complex called ADL House which is situated right in Lilongwe’s City Centre. Plans are currently underway to identify partners under Public Private Partnerships for the construction of a new residential housing estate and also an office complex.