Airport Developments Limited is a commercial parastatal which is wholly owned by Government of Malawi. ADL was initially charged with responsibility to spearhead the construction and development of the then new Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) and upon its completion to manage and operate the airport on commercial basis. ADL was fundamentally vested with ownership of the Kamuzu International Airport and other auxiliary buildings such as the Lumbadzi Housing Estate.

ADL was incorporated as a private company on 9th July 1977 under the United Kingdom’s Companies’ Act of 1908 and 1913 (as applied to the Republic of Malawi by the Companies’ Act, Cap. 46:03 of the Laws of Malawi), with authorized Share Capital of K1, 000,000.00. In the early days of the airport construction, ADL was run under the umbrella of the defunct Capital City Development Corporation (CCDC).



When the Capital City Development Corporation project was phased out in 1983, Airport Developments Limited was delinked from CCDC and became an autonomous body with the specific objective of managing Kamuzu International Airport on commercial basis.

Under the Operator’s Licensing Agreement signed between ADL and Government of Malawi in 1978, ADL was mandated by Government of Malawi to:

  • Control the raising and development of finance for the Airport and the planning, supervision and management of daily operations at Kamuzu International airport.

  • To have Access to the income generated from all sources at the Airport in its capacity as a freehold owner. These included in particular, the Passenger Services Charges, entrance charges, concessions, franchises, advertising, shop and office rentals and car parking charges.

  • To purchase, acquire, provide, construct, work, use, take on lease, develop, establish and maintain aerodromes at Lilongwe and elsewhere in the Republic of Malawi.

  • To enter into contractual relation in construction, maintenance, alteration and repair of aerodromes.

  • To engage into property market; owning houses, flats, offices, warehouses, different types of buildings and premises through purchase, acquisition or own construction with option to sale.

  • To purchase, take on lease, rent or exchange or otherwise acquire interests in lands, concessions, estates, housing estates, blocks of flats and offices, agricultural grounds and develop the resources for irrigation, farming etc, in its own capacity or in partnership or other arrangements as stipulated in the Memorandum of Association.

  • To fulfil ADL’s corporate objectives, the company had to ran commercially in line with its mandate, undertake these activities to generate revenue to be ploughed in the development of the aviation infrastructure and airports in the country in addition to revenue generated from airport activities such as passenger fees, rentals from its premises, houses, duty free shops, car park, concession fees and other innovative ways in line with its memorandum.


To facilitate safe movement of air travelers and cargo through provision of World class airport infrastructure, facilities, services, application of strict aviation standards of safety, security and hygiene in the most environmentally conscious and financially sustainable manner while ensuring airport efficiency and effectiveness.


The vision of the ADL Board and Management is to make Kamuzu International Airport (KIA), the safest and attractive Airport in the region in terms of infrastructure development, security, safety and up to date modern equipment for the aviation sector. It is through these attributes that airlines can have the confidence in operating into and out of KIA and increase the usage of the facilities available at the Airport. ADL will have to take the initiative in ensuring that KIA implements international safety and security standards established under the Chicago Convention, International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and in accordance to the new IATA International Operating Safety Audits (IOSA) standards.


In order to be able to live up to our mandate, objectives, functions, vision, achieve our business mission, purpose in business and be in line with our core values, while improving on the company’s image, emphasis will need to be put in the quality, safety and reliability of our airport infrastructure as well as the equipment deployed at the Airport

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Team Work

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